Saturday, December 8, 2012

MG Astray Red Frame Kai review

First, i'm really don't know why it call as "kai" but i just realize "kai" is something means upgrade but whatever is it, it doesn't have the flightpack, normal Gat-x series shield and the Astray Beam rifle. If anyone of you think that the articulation will definitely better since the NG 1/100 version already have great articulation, there is a price to pay for that. Alright, should start it with some introduction instead of complain.

The origin of this MS was from Orb, one of the five prototype unit. Pilot by the Lowe Guele, appear in the side story of Seed. I actually read some information from MAHQ and i just learn that Astray doesn't have phase shift technology? and as a highly develop country, it need to copy the technology from the alliance for the beam rifle and beam saber? Alright, this sound quite ridiculous but it might be true. The original weapon for it was a one beam rifle, 2 x beam saber, Gatx shield and vulcans but due energy limitation, this unit also equip with "katana" which called as Gerbera Straight. I don't have much information about this MS as i didn't follow its manga story and only few short clip anime showing this unit. I do saw some of it manga story appear in the Dengeki hobby magazines but its seems the story is quite boring (no big scale battle and lots of talking).

As for the kit, I'm really don't understand why Bandai slot in the tactical arms which can transform into a "bow" while there are many other better options such as only offer the MG kit with its basic weapon, then the MG flightpack version comes later. Similar to the PG version that this MG version will get two gerbera straight Katana but no beam rifle, beam saber and shield. There are lot of spare parts which come from the MG astray blue frame second L but those part are insufficient to transform it into second L and a lot of spare part left after the completion. So, lets check the box art and the runners.

Stand is provided for the tactical arms.

Total runners are 21 include one PC runners and runners for the 1/144 stand (use to hold the tactical arms).

The assemble process for this kit is very straight forward and simple. Most of the part has been color separated nicely except the fingers. There are no special gimmicks such as LED light set up, sliding armors or transformation.

In terms of details, Astray is just too good for scoring this section since most of its internal frame was exposed and the outer armor also very limited. Even the Gerbera Straight Katana also need to build by many different part due to the color separation.

So, my main concern of the kit will always be the  articulation and the proportion. The expectation for these two attributes was very high on this kit since to other version such as HG 1/144 and NG 1/100 were doing quite well in these two attributes. As for this MG version, its not really how it look like. First is the proportion, it actually look more skinny compare to other version. The proportion is great for many different dynamic pose but the normal standing pose is different story. The picture below really take me lots of time to find the good angle. Well, the best proportion that i feel from Astray red frame will definitely from the PG version. The main problem was the legs, it should a little bit bulkier. I mean if the overall proportion improve become a little bit bulkier might be better but too bad that it come after MG Blue Frame Second L which look great in this proportion.

In terms of articulations wise, the joint is good and flexible but the problem was the connector of the joint seems a bit too short. At the end, every time i try to make some pose ended up the entire shoulders or legs came off. It really frustrating when this keep on happen. The worse part is the Gerbera Straight Katana will always be a problem as it too long and it always stick with the tactical arms when it attach. Other than that, the articulations and joints are good. 

Whatever is it, I will still going to make a good pose with it (once and for all) and this is the best i can do.

Actually i prefer the tactical arms from Second L tactical arms in another mode when it attached at the back. Compare to other mode that suggested from the manual or boxart? I feel those are the worse one. The only thing that its not make sense for the red frame tactical arm transforms like this is the "Heat" or "beam" gun is pointing back to the MS.

In a world where we have guns, cannon, missile, or beam rifle (or in Cosmic Era), do we need bow? so, a tactical arms can transform become a huge "swords" and there is a "Heat" gun equip as a handle, Why there is a need for this MS to carry a bow?

This is the easiest way for it to show off its tactical arms. Make a slash pose with this big "swords"? forget about it.

I'm not sure how will the joint improve if i paint the entire kit ( i mean my kit, this kit belong to my ex-boss). But as for this straight build version, i still feel the joint is not secure enough due to the "male" joint side too short.

The concept of this tactical arms, i still feel  it ridiculous of having heat beam and a "bow" mode. Using katana for this MS is still reasonable due to the energy usage from the battery.

And again, it should be great if it come with the original flight pack, shield and beam rifle.

Overall of the kit is still great, i mean in terms of the articulation, proportion, structure and joints. Although most of the basic terms or attributes of the kits are great but there is still lot of room for modification such as converting it to Gold Frame Amatsu or different kind of Astray variation.

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