Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seven6398 ver.2 Intro

Remember remember, the second of September.

Alright, cut off the crap. Basically this is the continuation of I've been thinking of this long time ago but i don't actually have any plan about it until the my older picasa album overload (which use for Well, forget about the reason (alternative to solve the problem in the older, lets just focus here. 

The previous had been changing from time to time, lack of concept and a little bit messy. First of all, I'm not a programmer or have any knowledge about designing a website (if i do i won't be using blogspot), so can't expect Seven6398 ver.2 will have any fancy stuff here. The only concept that i have for this version is only one 3 words "keep it simple" or it also can be said as "keep it clean". Everything will link to this concept (unless there it become ver.3 or something). 

Although it is ver.2 but most of the information such as link to my own previous work or review will remain the same from the page column. Some of the random post might not accessible anymore as well as some WIPs. The major one still remain. Rather than making many different WIP for a single kit, this time it will have all WIP in one post but the complete kit in another post. Therefore, frequent rate for posting will be lesser. Become a news portal for toys or gunpla, nope. The function and... the only function of this blog or ver.2 will remain the same, " I POST WHATEVER I WANT" (but still focus about what i collect mostly). "That's all for the briefing sailors, prepare the sail for our new journey and head to... er (unknown destination)"

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