Sunday, September 9, 2012

New section coming soon (Transformers and Hotwheels thought)

Well, i guess Transfomers toys and Hotwheels should be every kid dream to own as much as they can ( Power Rangers toys too, those Megazords). Unfortunately, those who are rich can get a lot and those who are not, few or nothing. As for me, i can only get it if i score in my exam and which will never happen, LOL!!! At the end of the day, the dream can only become real from what i earn now.

Forget about the stupid story of mine, let just focus on what i thought about this topic. First, I will start with transformers toys. First of all, although I'm a fan of Optimus prime but I do not have much knowledge for Transformers series or toys. My first transformers toys is a bootleg made in China, never get a original one until i reach secondary school. My cousin give me an old Optimus prime from "i don't know which series" and a lion transformers which i believe it called the "star leo" which can combine with another "jet type" transformers. I never bother about it until i learn that the value of old transformers toys will increase few more times that its original price when it release. I guess the only reason that explain why is due to only few batches will release for one series and the production will stop for that series after that, i was totally regret for not keeping them in good condition and not to lost any accessory of it. At the end, i sold both of it at RM 150 while if its in good condition can sell up to few thousand ringgit. 

What i learn from the old transformers toys compare to the latest transformers toys (after the movie version release), the proportion, articulations, details and transformations was highly improved. Although the transformers toys from the first transfomers' movie was not that good but the second movie "Rise of the Fallen" or ROTF was a lot greater. Those series now are selling about 30% to 80% higher from its original price when it release in my area due to its "scarcity". Although the detail of now days transfomers toy was not 100% accurate or look even more better ( unlike gunpla which come with more detail and gimmick that what it show from the anime like the new MG Seed series or RG range) or  from what we saw in movie, latest series or games but the proportion, transformation and articulations of transformers toys was almost same as what we saw in movie, latest series or games.

Compare to older transformers toys, the proportion, transformation, articulations and detail are as good as the new version. One thing that need to be highlight for older transformers' toys is the plastic quality which can be said as unbeatable from the new version. Although those mentioned improvised attributes for new transformers toys was not that good for older transformers' toys but the older version is much more solid in terms of its structure, plastic material and even the paint and stickers are better than the new version. One thing that we will not able to notice from the old version which is obvious for new version is the nub marks. I was wondering that how could new transformers' will have nub marks while the old version have the finest paint job? Well i guess the price explain it. Over the year after the first movies of Transformers was release back in 2007 (same year with new GT-R 35), I think the quality of transformer toys are getting lower. 

Although the transformers' toys' quality getting lower but some series are still remain at its best quality and some new series even show how good is the transformers' collection's quality. For example, the undeniable best of the best transformers toys series which is the Master Piece series (especially the Convoy Optimus Prime). It really claimed it's series title as the "Masterpiece", I'm sure those transformers' collector know what I'm talking about here and those who are new like can study by searching "Transformers Masterpiece". This Masterpiece series was made from the Transfomers orginal series which only three characters are available and they are Convoy Optimus Prime, Megatron and StarScream. Articulations, proportion, details and transformations for this series are at the top level. As for other collection which suggested as good quality for "collection" will be the Takara Tomy DMK series (only Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are available). This DMK series are consider as half model kit as it has a built inner frame and armors snapfit process needed to complete the kit. It give more flexibility for anyone who want  to paint it but the drawback is it can't transform to other mode. Another famous or highly recommended transformers series will be the Robot Damashi series (best for articulations and proportions) but it is not transformable.

Since I'm from some gunpla background which concern a lot in terms of articulations, proportion, details and proportions of gunpla, i feel lucky that i only started my interest on collecting transformers' toys now. Although the plastic quality might not as good as the old version but the four main concerns meet what i want is good enough for me as i can improve the details and accuracy of its look by painting it. 

Next up, the die-cast collections or should i called it as metal mini scale car, hahaha..... The subject in the picture above was not from Hotwheels but from Matchbox if I'm not wrong which also another good quality brand for die-cast collections. That trailers was my favorite when i was in primary school ( I got a "Porsche" but i lost it few years ago).

Although i'm not a die-cast car collector but I own a of them when i was a kid. I guess it can be said the cheapest with good quality toys available for that time which spend few can get plenty of them.

Well, compare to older die-cast car model to present, quality are remain especially Hotwheels, Matchbox and the recent brand i found called Miku, and all time highest quality Takara Tomy. I started to collect these back when i saw some super car die-cast model such as the Aventador below release in Hotwheels. For me, it is quite rare and most of this modern super car die-cast model will quickly sold off whenever it appear on the "hangar". There are three brands that i always look for, Hotwheels, Matchbox and Takara Tomy which have the most variety selling near where i'm working now. From what i observe, if you looking for those cool, sleek, dynamic with big wheels and badass looking die-cast model, i will suggest you the Hotwheels. As for Takara Tomy, it has lot of variation in well packaging, detail from inside to outside and the quality ( i consider it the highest among the brand i mentioned here) but too bad that it won't look as "wild as the Hotwheels such as "no big wheels, haha".

In terms of color separation, we can't expect it too look as detail as those 1/24 model in this "smallest scale" die-cast car model. Painting them? Hand brush painting maybe but it not going to be easy unless you use to paint those warhammer figure. 
Match box versus Hotwheels.

Mustang from Hotwheels ownnn!!
Bumblebee and Sideswipe... lol!!!
Optimus: Magnus, that's I told you not go to Earth, look at your size!!!

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