Saturday, September 22, 2012

Optimus Prime : Fall of Cybertron

After so many years....... i mean being a transformers fans when i was kid and now, finally able to own Transformers' toys in my collection.

Well, forget about my story and lets focus on this. I'm not sure should this post call as review or what ever i should call it but maybe i will just call it as my thought about this "Optimus Prime" rather call it a review because I don't have much knowledge about Transformers' Toys. And if anyone think of owning Transformers' Toys, i think the first character will always be the badass Optimus prime in any Transformers' series even though they are the so called loser in their war but i think the idea from the creator for this character is portraying hope from the good side.

So, this will be the Optimus Prime from the Fall of Cybertron (a.k.a FOC... lol) series which is a game, some called it as the Cybertronion series or Transformers Generation series which i'm not sure how to differentiate. I think this should be the series follow from another gaming series called the War of Cybertron ( I bought the deluxe class Optimus prime from this series and its... will tell more on the coming Transformers' post). I haven't play that game yet so i don't have much information about this Optimus FOC. As far as i know, there are lot of weapons and equipment can be change in the game such as the arms, hand or what ever it call can transform into many different kind of canon, rifle, machine gun or blade. I'm really wish that Hasbro might release some series which will have swap-able parts for different type of weapon as show in the game ( i think those collector won't mind to pay extra as long there is more variation out there). 

On the toy itself, there are few things that i'm really impressed such as the articulation, proportion, transformation and some minor detail. I mean the entire design not too complicated but it have great proportion while still able to maintain great articulation and transformation gimmick. Some of the joints is even better than the gunpla. As for the color separation, detail and....... nub marks? I was wondering toys do have nub marks too? Well, these will not be favorable for collectors. About the design accuracy compare to the actual look in the game, i will rate it in 75% max as the front wheels should store at the back of the body and not in the arms and the transformable hand to different type of weapons is another reason why i rate it so low. The rest of the comparison, i guess the picture below should be sufficient to explain more. 

Sexy? definitely...

Although its not from the original "cartoon" version but the head design still remain which i think the best idea ever.
This is what i'm trying to say about the advance joint level. The tight joint to the lower torso, it is "ball type" but also "socket type" joint combine together. Flexibility of the legs movement is great but the drawback will be the strength of the joint will not last long. Another great thing is it even have the waist joint which most Transformers' toys from the previous serious don't have. From gunpla, we should know that waist joint is very important to create some extreme dynamic pose.

Although this Optimus FOC have great articulation which it even can do some sidekick pose but it still can't pose as good as the gunpla as it still left many tiny or minor joint. The worse part for posing it is the concept, it is more to ground combat Transformers and it is not easy to create steady but extreme action ground pose.
I think this mode should be sufficient to explain why this Optimus FOC is more suitable to use ground pose.
The look of the truck more really make it look like some advance high power and fast moving truck but the " window", the size is a bit confusing that if there is a cockpit for human, what scale will that be?

Viewing from the top angle, i don't think there is any possibility that it will have any additional back trailer but from the back of the robot mode, it seems it can carry backpack for extra weapon or equipment.

Well, that's all for my first so called "review but i call it as my thought" about this Transformers' toys. Showing the transformation steps, I think you can find its manual somewhere on the internet (maybe i should find it and put the link to here in the future)

I'm really looking forward to collect more on this series, any idea when will all other toys of this series coming in Malaysia such as Starscream and Magnus?


  1. love this figure alot.
    all i'm just hoping either takara or hasbro could make a voyager sized Optimus >_>

  2. the Hasbro figures in general terms have been improved a lot and the QC is at least as good as Takara figures... uhmmm, i’m not pretty sure if this OP design is my kind, but the figure surely is very nice !!! =)

  3. Khaidir: Ah.. i think i got the idea how is Leader Class, Voyager Class and Deluxe Class differentiate now..

    Chris: Previous version of the OP from the War of Cybertron looks better but the articulation of this is a lot better..