Saturday, February 2, 2013

HGUC FA-78 3 Full Armor Gundam 7th Custom paint complete

Alright, finally i got this finish. Its been a while that i didn't paint any kit and only focus on building OOB kit. After this kit, i will be going back on building another 2 OOB kit before move into another painting project. As for any project with additional detail or modification? I haven't think of any since last few modify project was not really up to some basic requirement, it really think of where are the mistake and what i should really focus before starting any. As for this, i guess its another trial to improve my painting skill and masking skill but there are still some part that i didn't do well. Its all because of IMPATIENCE.

So, lets start with the reason i choose this color scheme for this kit. The only thing i have in my mind was real type color of RX-78 but at the same time, i saw this (the picture below):

when i search for any FA-78-3 in real type color. The full armor concept really come into my mind from this photo (above) which telling me that this kit convert and make it look like some kind of full armor RX-78 (in fact it is a full armor version of RX-78). So, real type color, full armor, these thing mix up in my mind and when i keep on searching on it, this picture (below) came out from our best friend (Google):

In fact, someone already painting it base on this color scheme ( i guess he/she also is the creator of this color scheme).

Then, this was created by me. When i think back of this color scheme, it really remind me of my previous project. 

This was the first one that i use the color scheme with black and red as the major color. 

The second one was this Stark Jegan. Although majority of the part was painting with dark gray and light gray but this latest project consist the existing this Stark Jegan

Here is the finish product of this project. 

So, maybe i should continue with the color list ( its been a while that i didn't do this :)  )

-Base coat (Mr.Surfacer 1000)
-White ( Mr.Color White and Mr.Color Flat White)
-Light Gray (Mr.Color White with higher ratio mix with Mr.Color metallic black)
-Dark Gray (Mr.Color White with lower ratio mix with Mr.Color metallic black)
-Black (Mr.Color Metallic Black)
-Red (Mr.Color Metallic Red)
-Gold (Mr.Color Gold)
-Panel line (Mitsubishi Unipin)
-Yellow (without any paint)

In fact the color variation was only mix with few color which is black and white. The hardest part for the painting process was the masking process. There are only limited foil stickers applied on this kit which are those censor on the head unit and some on shoulders. 

As for its review, you may refer back to the previous post

Next project, guess which kit i still haven.t build for my ex-boss..........


  1. Much better than the original green in my opinion. Looks good~

  2. C.jin: sorry for the late reply, thanks.

  3. Nicely done paint scheme although a bit heavy on the panel lines.
    Did you intentionally not fix the seam lines?!