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My Gundam Story (MS Gundam Arein)

Alright, this is how my story is. It going to be divide into four parts which two should be movies and the other two will be in episode. The first episode will go with the main character which will be the prince of the colony that revenge for its colony, second will be a OVA version which is a movie which was about his best friend defending the Earth Space Colony called "the Awakening from the Earth", third one will be the second OVA which will be "the Falling of the Ark" and the last one will back to the long episode called "The Legacy Return".

Background (Western Union "WU" and Rising Sun "RS" and Viscous Fleet "VF")

The timeline will set at 500 years from now where all the countries on Earth have decided to join in a project which build a large space colony in space. This large space colony was develop with the highest technologies which it even can expand itself and able to harvest material from the asteroid belt for different material. While the colony is keep on developing without the support from the Earth, the resources of the Earth was running out where most of the big power taking over the small one and fighting for the territory just to harvest resources until it reach one point where the Earth was split into two different big nation with very strong military power separate as east and west. Due to the imbalance of the the Earth power, this large space colony called itself The Ark decided to separate itself from the Earth and declare itself as another nation in space (about 100 years after it deploy and develop). With the both nation on Earth struggling to harvest more resources such as petroleum or nature gas, both nation highly rely on nuclear power as energy and also the power to destroy its enemy. Due to both nation are highly rely on this power for destruction, the Earth was highly expose to radiation and in order to stop this mess go further one must end this war as soon as possible by destroying another side. With the amount of man power and the left over of other resources at the Eastern side which called as RS, the Western side which is WU was in disadvantage position where it try to get help from the space colony, The Ark. The Ark doesn't want to involve in this mess and therefore refuse to provide any aid which trigger the anger of the WU as they are the one who provide the most of the technologies to this The Ark during the development. Having itself at the disadvantage point where the power is not strong enough and limited resources, the WU decided to focus and launch a full scale assault on the The Ark in objective to dominate the colony and the resources of the colony. The reason WU try to capture The Ark is the because the technolog of The Ark that able to harvest mineral and other resources near the Asteroid Belt. The assault was successful as the The Ark was more to a peaceful colony with lesser development on its military strength ( but not technologies) but it take few years for the WU to achieve its objective and take over. Although the WU won the war and conquer the space colony but at the same time, it lost the war on Earth to the RS where the whole Earth was under RS control now.

20 years after the take over of WU for the space colony and lost of war on Earth, the war stop but never resolve. WU always wanted to take back Earth while the RS still facing high radiation on Earth although it dominate all resources on Earth and looking for a alternative place to live. The story start here where the main character will be a teenage (male) called Eneuf (bare in mind, there are no character with any special power such as Newtype, Ultimate Coordinator or Innovator, it all just base on skill, strategy, experience, a little bit of luck and talent), born during the war in the Ark (the space colony). He was live together with his guardian called Alex and study about fusion power core for mobile suit. He have two best friend which are Leon and Leona (twins, Leon was the male and Leana is the female which is younger). Three of them was study in the same university. Leon and Leana were the children of the latest Ark government Prime minister Alexander Minnoth which formerly known as the Defense Minister of WU.

On the 21st birthday of Eneuf (which 21 years after the falling of the Ark), his guardian gave him a box which reveal his real identity. The original name of Eneuf was Hyuga Ark which have the same last name of the Vicous Ark, the former Leader of the Ark. This means the Eneuf was the descendant of the previous Ark's leader's son.  It was order by Vicous for Alex to pass the box to Eneuf when he reach 21 years old. The box contain the coordinate of a hidden stealth colony (call the Soul) contain the Ark's most advance technology and military strategy that it automatically updated, revise and develop. The technology from Soul was far more advance than the current technology which at least  take 300 years for RS or WU to catch up. The Soul also contain the clear background of the Ark and the future of the Ark. On top of that, the "Soul" also able to summon all the remnant that loyal to the Ark from other hidden colony which use to be Ark's allies but become independence after the Ark fall onto WU and they all was disappear in order to prevent from being attack by WU. With realizing the true identity of himself, Eneuf became aware of what he is and he should do next in order to bring back the old Ark which had conquered by WU. At the same time, he also struggled due to he had just start his relationship with Leana while she was the daughter of his enemy who destroy and conquered the Ark.

Although Enuef have the dilemma of revenge for his father's legacy from the family of his lover. he know that what must he do and that should be the only option for him to stop the war by creating the advance forces from the Soul. Guided by his guardian Alex, he approach to the Soul and reveal everything from the Soul. From there he discover one of the most advance unique design mobile suit which called "Gundam" which means the "the Gun for Freedom" (lol). Only the inner frame with its fusion power core were build. Other than that, Enuef also discover some design for mobile suit, battle ships, space fortress and weapon of mass destruction. From there, he summon the remnant of the Ark to help him build his own forces in his father's name called the Viscous Forces. The main battleship was called Damien which is also the flag ship of the Damian Fleet and the Gundam he found in half build was completed called Arein (specification of the Gundam will be discuss later). The Gundam come with two special features which is self-learning system where it will record the data from every single combat, self-adjustment and development to upgrades its agility, fire power, defence and match up with the ability of pilot. With this system, the pilot and the Gundam itself will keep on evolve to its best for different battle. The second features will be it's power core which is the Nuclear Fusion Reactor. This power core was able to provided the Gundam Limitless power while the it equip with the reactor was cover with "RE" (radiation eliminator) to prevent the Nuclear Fusion Reactor to release any radiation. The first assault of Viscous Force to the WU in Ark happen 1 year later.

WU realize the existence of Soul and Viscous Forces after the they lost some of their outpost which use to monitor the movement at the Asteroid belt. WU ordered Captain Dino together with its fleet to search and destroy the Viscous Forces but the strength of this fleet was away weaker than the Viscous Fleet which suffer heavy lost when they try to enter the Old Ark war colony debris. WU now realize that they are facing two different enemy at the same time. Leon later join in the WU military forces and assigned to fight against the Viscous Forces.

While WU was under attack, RS also realize the existence of VF. After they watch the defeat of RS to the VF, they acquire some combat data about VF which is far more stronger than themselves as well as WU. Since they are facing insufficient of resources and radiation on Earth, they decided to negotiate with VF and they take this opportunity to attack WU together in The Ark. The negotiation with the VF was fail as VF realize the motive of RS will be conquering the Ark same as WU. Through the negotiation, RS has discover the real identity of the VF was from the old Ark. Therefore, RS made a major move by shifting most of main forces and headquarters to the front line (space) to attack whenever the opportunity come which wait till WU and VF exhausted in the war. At the same time, RS also move lot of it's people to the new space colonies and moon to stay out of the radiation on Earth. Most of the refugees from WU on Earth that live under RS was left behind (Awakening from the Earth).

With three forces clashing in the Space while the Earth was being left behind to recover from the radiation, the story will fully focus on the consequences of war, vengeance and greediness which had cost a huge lost to the humanity.

(Basically the story was inspired by many gundam series such as Gundam 00, Gundam Seed/Destiny, Gundam Age)

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