Sunday, March 31, 2013

MG Force Impulse Review

Another kit from Seed Destiny again. I always like to review kit from this series as it is my favorite series which i'm more familiar with compare to UC, Wings or others. Previously i have review the MG Sword Impulse version which have most of the parts same with this except the silhouette parts.

Since i have review the Sword Impulse, in this post i will more focus on the Force silhouette pack but it gonna be short. So, the force silhouette pack that form Force Impulse, as what we know this pack is serve the same function as the Aile Striker from Strike. Compare to Aile Strike, the force silhouette is more smaller which didn't come with two large thruster at the back. The design is more sleek and sharp compare to Aile Striker pack. Come with two beam saber which make the Force Impulse still able to fight for medium and close combat. The wing is foldable which doesn't require much space to store it. The detail of this Force Silhouette is pretty great too. Compare to other Silhouette such as the Blast and Sword Silhouette, those are more focus on the weapon that it can carry but as for this, it greatly improve the overall performance of the MS. Therefore, what we can see it's more focus on the individual silhouette unit compare to the weapon it can carry (only two beam sabers)

The actual kit here is actually quite accurate for this Force Silhouette pack compare to the anime. On top of that, it come with one of the sword from Sword Silhouette ( but its slightly different) to form some of the "Excalibur" scene.

 In Seed series, we have have Perfect Strike which attach all different pack from Aile Striker, Launch Striker and Sword Striker. Although in Seed Destiny series have Destiny Gundam which combining all different Silhouette into one gundam and with added Nuclear power core, I wonder will we have something such as Destiny Impulse or Perfect Impulse come out, LOL.  

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