Sunday, April 21, 2013

MG OO Seven sword review

Since i have review MG OO Raiser, I'm going to focus more on its weapon in this review. For the review of the main body, maybe you can refer to this link here.

About the box or the boxart, i decided to drop it from this post because.. i'm totally forgot to take picture about it. So....... just leave it.

OO seven sword, i don't have much information about it. I heard it was design and featured in some of the OO manga (don't know which series). When we talk about seven sword, it always remind me Cloud from Final Fantasy advent children and the other chinese movie also called as seven sword. Exia, upgrade to seven sword and now we have OO seven sword. It seems like whenever anything related about "seven sword", it must be cool especially it include something huge. The problem of the concept is, will a soldier in the old time will carry seven sword to fight its enemy, it will be very heavy isn't it. In that OO series era, they got GN Beam sword, rifle and some megalauncher cannon and the GN blade or GN Sword 2 are enough to cut through different types of armors as well as hold any slash from the beam saber and OO gundam will always have one pair of it. Why do it need seven melee weapon in the mobile suit? Well, those weapon that come with it are cool individually but when all put into one mobile suit, it will become not logic. Too bad, due to it come with a big GN sword, i will still get one of this for myself.

Lets discuss more about the actual kit. What is the main different in between MG OO raiser and MG OO seven sword. Except the weapon, there is some changes on the leg which allow it to attach the GN Qatar on it (Qatar?, what's that for). As for other on the main body will remain same.

The weapon that included in this MS were GN "huge" sword (which is a favorite from most collectors), Two GN Sword 2 which one side is longer than normal and another one is shorter, GN Sword 2 Blaster, 2 x transformable Qatar shield and two beam saber .With all these weapon come with it, this thing really can create a lot of "slashing" pose but it will work when only certain weapon attached on it due to the weigh of some weapon. It can handle most of this weapon well in the post except the "huge" GN sword. From my experience from MG Astray model, it better to forget about handling all these huge sword because it really trouble some.

About the articulation, the original kit itself is great and these extra weapon come with it doesn't cause much trouble except the weigh issue on the GN drive when it attach with the huge GN Sword.

As for the detail for each weapon, it can still be improve with more pla-plate or panel line. Other than that, that's all for the kit.... LOL.. lets check out the photo

we still can combine the shield Qatar but it need additional parts to how both side together.

This is what i mentioned about, inconsistent Gn Sword 2.

Although the weapon has change and now it have no back pack but it sill look great.

This pictures is with all seven sword and but the end......

Like what i said, it just can't attach every weapon on to it when i want to create some dynamic pose because of the weight issue.

Last word for this, Bandai really need to work out something about the weigh issue on most of the kit. The idea of locking system introduce in PG OO Raiser is great but it just doesn't come at the right position that really takes a lot of weight.

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