Thursday, May 30, 2013

MG Exia Ignition Mode

First i gotta start off the post with some of my personal life updates. Yeah yeah yeah, life is getting more busier after change of job especially the role of the job. From buying to selling, it use to 80% planning, 20% monitoring but now is 30% planning and 70% implementing. Its really suck up lot of time and energy in selling role as there might be no reference or there isn't an always confirm right reference. Turning on the mood back to hobby is rather more difficult than starting an 30 years old engine (maybe i should use another example). While it hard to get in hobby mood, it even more difficult get into blogging mode but i'm still not giving up yet. So, back to business here. What am i going to show here, something that i show before but this time will be in... another way.

Previously i was building the MG OO seven sword, i guess i continue with this one might be suitable for the flow (what kind of flow? i don't know). I watch the entire OO series from first season to second season as well as the movie except the side story. I guess i can describe anything from this MS. The first thing that i want talk about, instead of weapon, it power core or concept, this thing come with lots of variation, till its expansion and upgrade version. It got the original Exia, Avalanche Exia, Exia Type- (many type), Astrea, Exia R1, R2 and R3?. It just come with lot of variation not counting the upgrade version which is the double O gundam that using its concept. Even OO Quanta is base on this. I guess this it just won the best base model of variation in OO series. Maybe the platform of its design really have a lot of potential. So, the concept of this MS was made for melee combat with a lot of melee weapon and the weapons also create to penetrate different types of armors as shown in the season 1. What i like most about its weapon is not those two stupid GN blades ( GN Sword 1 still remain as my favorite) but is the way it design to store those beam saber. Storing the beam saber at the back of the shoulders really something "unimaginable" yet it's actually quit efficient and effective. A melee combat MS that come with super fast attack move from the Trans Arms system (berserk), not an bad idea. I think i should stop talking about the kit here as i really got a lot of opinion about this kit (both positive and negative).

I actually made a "simple" review about this kit before and i totally forget about until i search for some old action pose photo of this kit. I was thinking maybe i can skip this post but from what wrote on the previous post was, i feel i miss something.

So, start with the assemble process for this kit, straightforward. Connecting the arms and shoulders to the main body were a bit difficult due to the GN Condenser that attach at the side of shoulders  and arms. The structure or design of the kit is simple too, no heavy back pack or heavy weapon to carry. Although the design might simple but it still pack with lot of detail and/or panel like that make it look not too plain. It might not come with sliding armors but the transparent GN Condenser can expose some of the sliding part in the inner frame. Color separation is great as most of the individual parts only come for one color.

In terms of the proportion and articulation, this great have it all. Articulation is great in this kit because it can be said no obstruction for different movement (especially the waste). As for the proportion wise, at first i thought everything look too square-ish but after the completion of the assemble process (for the first time), its totally different. The shoulder seems shorter, main body bulkier, bigger tights, and bigger head unit compare to NG 1/100. As compare to the current Metal Build version, i will give at least 80 point for the proportion.

As you can see, the inner frame detail is great and the picture below show the proportion of the main body is quite promising.

Socket joint for the pegs.

Part separation from the head unit,

Although everything seems great about this kit but there are still some weaknesses about this kit. It's about the connector from the palm to hold the GN Sword and also the connectors from the pegs to store the GN Blade. The problem about these two connectors are its not strong enough to hold and store the GN sword and GN Blade.

As for the part to convert it into Exia R1, I'm not planning to review it..........        yet.

So, basically that's all about what i want to say on this kit. Any other thing that miss, feel free to fill it in.

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