Thursday, June 6, 2013

Malaysia Gundam Mid Year Challenge 2013

I guess i should call this post of the month since i only create one post per-month. Alright, the wait is over but i guess its not excited than the warehouse sales which start today. These picture was taken on Monday, there might be more entry coming within this week. So, this is it "The Malaysia Gundam Mid Year Challenge 2013". I guess the BAKUC should be held on end of the year but if i'm not remember wrong, it no longer called as "BAKUC". Well, we can't expect much on the Malaysia Gundam Mid Year Challenge as most of the big player is actually focus more on the Year End contest. This round is slightly better because last few rounds was held in MIECC which is under a book fair. Well, the Malaysia Gundam Mid Year Challenge is finally back to Sungei Wang. As for the rules and prizes, it will be similar every year with some minor changes. As what i know, there is a HG category which i had participated without realizing there is such category. So, let the pictures explain the rest of the story now......

 And this is me

one of the re-seller, TTK or TK Ting, who always have clean and neat job with lot of special bundle parts from magazines.

Like i said earlier, there are not much big player around. There are lot of rookie who try many crazy idea. You might realize there is one participant using printer's part to create a so called "diorama", i think he love Jeff Ho idea too much (who always use the parts from printer and won the 2011 BAKUC). If you notice 2 PG Astray and PG Zeta, it was submitted by the same person ( he really got deep pocket). There are some Master piece but it didn't present in a "Grand" way. Some of the work do interesting for this round but there isn't any huge diorama scene created. I feel the overall is not bad for this round but we really can see the decline of the number for highly skill entries.  

Last but not least, PROMOTIONS!!!!. MG Gunbuster, MG Tallgesse and MG AGE 2 for RM 108 each.

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