Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HG Ginn Type Insurgent Custom

Second post of the month. I guess things go according to plan which i only post this photo after i put it in the show and as usual, back with empty hand. I should went there earlier to get some feedback although i know what's wrong with the project.

So, here is it, the HG Ginn Type Insurgent "with my custom paint job". I have the normal HG Ginn Miguel used but it've been spoil when i try to paint it with cheap can spray while the parts still attach with the runners. Since this HG Ginn Type Insurgent is still in OOB form, it will be more easy for me to paint it.

The color scheme will be as usual but more majority parts painted in blue color. The paint use for this kit? Here is the list:

-White                   -      Mr.Hobby White, Mr.Hobby Super White
-Black                   -      Mr.Hobby Metallic Black
-Gray                    -      Mr.Hobby Metallic Black, Mr. Hobby White
-Light Gray           -      Mr.Hobby Metallic Black, Mr. Hobby White
-Blue                     -     Mr.Hobby Character Blue
-Red                     -      Mr.Hobby Character Red
-Panel line

And that's all.

No customization for the joint or proportion improvement, it's just a painted kit.

Since this kit design looks quite bulkier type, i actually plan the color scheme to make it look more armor-ish like what i did on the chest and the parts that painted in white color but it still can't "emphasize" much.

As a HG kit from Seed with 200X design, we can't expect much on its joint but it still can make some "good" pose. Proportion wise, normal and nothing much need to be done unless you want it look sharper.

Basically, that's all and enjoy the pic....


Coming project will also a old HG kit from Seed, it either work with Ginn or fight with Ginn. Try guess what is it :)

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