Monday, March 18, 2013

Big New Toy (Canon EOS 7D with EF-S 18-135mm IS)

So, finally the new tools is here. Its not completely own by me as it is consider as it actually belong to my so called "company". We are doing some freelance job and we do need some good camera to make it work (in Malaysia, they classified professional photographer by the camera model, LOL, so i can consider myself as semi-pro now, hohoho). Well some people said, if you're not pro you don't need a big professional camera. In fact, lower end camera need more skill to take a good photo. Higher end model simplified the skill as the performance is a lot more better. It just like dragging a big horse power car with a normal sedan, all you need to do is switch the gear accordingly in a super car while the normal sedan require lot of skill to catch up. Well, if you are in Malaysia I got another 2 unit selling with good price. If you interested on it, you may contact me through my email ( or call my number (017-3872533).

What so good about higher end model? I just point and shoot for this photo and it already able to produce good quality and dynamic shots. (without much efforts)

This is another sample shots. Compare to my old Canon EOS 400D, the noise level is significantly different. 

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