Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gunpla Mid Year Challenge 2014 Malaysia at Sungei Wang Plaza

Well well well, its good to be back here, Jarvis (alright, just stop all the Ironman 2 dialog nonsense).

Again, its been a while that i'm not here. Its feel quite lazy to update things since I change my job but life still goes on and gunpla life will never stop. I'm still following up with most of the gunpla news but nowadays include transformer and other mecha as well. Guess that what make me slightly busier than before. So lets start with the Gunpla Mid Year Challenge 2014 Malaysia at Sungei Wang plaza. My apology for the missing competition post from last year which held in Ikea PowerCentre and I will update it soon cause there are some related detail to this post.

For this year, things have become more interesting as there are a lot of improvement compare to last few years, I mean the event and not just entries. I came in here second day of the event, there might be more entries putting here later but it might not because there is another similar event held in Johor Bahru which is too far for me to cover. As what we can see here, one of the improvement that i feel its the best will be the display shelf. We can see more poster decoration, better lighting and design which make us easier to take photo especially the dark background really helps a lot. There are some activity such as one of the activity which i participate and won the HGUC unicorn with display head on the first round. What we need to do in the activity is building the AG Genoace and the fastest one who complete will win the prize i mentioned. Other activity include Kinrara cosplay? er, i miss this part. As you scroll down from this post, you might found there is one counter where some are the judges and might be other pro-modeller building kit as the live showcase for building gunpla. And as usual, we able to meet one of our previous international Bakuc Champion which is Eric over there. I'm not sure are we allow to ask some question to them but they do answer us quite friendly on how to create certain effect, diorama and other skill which is great.

One of the major difference in between mid year challenge and year end challenge will be the number of entries. As you can see from the photo or even in the event itself, there are lesser entries during the mid year and most of the big gun will normally target on the big show in the year end but still, there are lot of great work in mid year challenge. I capture most of the amazing work and i skipped those that try hard but not that succeed in this post. I'm sorry to said that and not mean to bash anyone. It just if we going to create something, why not we just have all the best, like what i'm going to show in this post. So, as for now, enjoy the picture and you may give your feedback if you want to.

As usual, the sales place full with special offer item. Not every item come in good price but we do have some good deal over here. So, come on and check it out

Alright, no more human high unicorn but just bearguy, its bearguy, afterall

Some new item in the showcase, those "coming soon" and "new item". Unbeatable wallet venom with no vaccine.

The master that I'm talk about. Next picture will be the entries. 

Activity on the stage. 

And lastly, i bought one unit of HGUC Unicorn full armor (destroy mode) and one HGCE Aile Strike which come with lot of the potential (will do a detail review later). Just after i put all these stuff into my car and went back in, the competition for building the fastest gunpla begin. There comes my two free kits which is the AG 1/144 Genoace that use in the competition and also the HGUC Unicorn (normal mode) with display stand with head. Basically, its like buy 2 free 2, WUAHAHAHA!!!!!

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