Saturday, August 2, 2014

MG Blitz Gundam Custom

Screw me up, I can't remember how many month I took to complete this kit. All I remember i build it, keep it back in the box before sanding it, build the PG Wing and paint it, built couple of HG kit and keep back in box, until really I can't stand to see the box of this kit lying on my table for too long and finally, I decide to took it out, sand it properly before painting and "vowla!!!", here we have it complete.

One of the Seed Gat-X series mobile suit that really impressed me. It got shield, mount with beam rifle, beam saber and some sort of missile equals to deadly. I guess GN Sword one concept was from this because this come FIRST!!! (for Seed haters) Just kidding and no offend for that. But when it lost it right arms, that's too bad. As for the hook on the left hand, I still don't have any idea why they need a "hook" weapon mount on the high tech mobile suit in that era where they can just aim and shoot "target lock down and eliminated", as simple as that. Why not the left arms have the same weapon as the right arms I was wondering. Mirage colloid, damn this is the coolest technology that I think every mobile suit should have it but I guess if everyone fighting using this technology in the show, we might just watching a beam effect show "Lol". The design of this kit was awesome actually, it balance up everything from the chest, arms, legs, backpack, and even the head unit. It will be a base foundation for any modification especially the back pack but the original one was just too nice to be sacrifice and the design just close any possibilities for backpack modification without sacrificing it.

21st century MG kit, no worry about the technology or design on this MG kit. Articulation, best but no perfect as there are still some plate armor blocking the movement. Design wise, no heavy backpack but the right arms seems a bit heavy which might cause slight imbalance on the kit but don't worry, slightly tighter some joints and it will stand and pose well. As usual, I can said no masking is require since all parts with difference colors are molded separately. As for the detail, nothing to worry on the inner part and as for the outer part you may add on some spices to make it more nasty. I like the way of some of the sliding armor that expose the inner frame which it use as the release of mirage colloid mode. As for the customization, that leave to your own imagination and now I will let the picture speak for the rest of the story.

All parts molded separately, no worry on the back pack parts painting. It' going to be easy.

Over lapping inner part which make things interesting as the final look will give expose some of the inner frame that make it look sexy.

What i mean about the detail inner frame. If you plan to paint on it, I mean different color on this single piece the masking is really require unless you got God hand paint skill to make it look perfect.

Getting ready on the completion? Lets take a look on the paint list:

-Mr.Color black x 2 bottles
-Mr.Color black semi-gloss x 2 bottles
-Mr.Metal silver chrome x 2 bottles
-Mr.Hobby red
-Mr.Metal Gold
-Mr.Color Gundam color Purple (the perfect purple for this kit).
-Mr.Color White
-Mr.Surfacer 1200

I'm not using any coating but if there is a layer of gloss coat on the black, the shiny effect will be perfect. All black color part was cover with a few layer of paint start from srufacer, silver chrome, black and semi-gloss black. Too bad I couldn't find Mr.Color Black Gloss in Time Machine which is one of the local store that I can easily get most of the paint at reasonable price.

What you will realize in my post for the complete kit is that I'm taking much picture after its completion. I don't play with it too much and make it pose a lot like usual in previous post. Why?. simple reason which is, this kit is not mine. I built and painted it for someone. I need kit to improve my basic painting skill from nip removing, sanding and also painting. He bought the kit, pay me the paint material cost, I build and paint it. So, I guess that was the deal. To prevent scratches on the kit, don't pose it too much on the pictures.

So, that's all for this pose and the coming up will be the........ Second painted unit MG MK2 A.E.U.G!!!

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