Saturday, November 22, 2014

MG Mk II A.E.U.G (second unit)

Hate it or love it.

That is how I can describe my gunpla building time now. Either make it quick but the result will not as good as expected or be patience, take some time and make it close to imagination. As for this post, I really hate myself for hanging too long as I actually had everything completed with the photos few months ago and I really don't have the mode to write anything. I forgot what I work on this kit. Damn!!!

Alright, the second unit.

The main different from the first unit I have before can be said the painting. No pla-plate or additional panel line added for both unit but the first unit is the semi-painting unit which means only certain parts are paint such as the inner frame, main body and other part that not in white color. At the end, i sold it for half price. As for this second unit, fully paint with removing all nub marks (that's the part the killing most of my time). As usual, the paint list:

-Mr.Surfacer 1000
-Mr.Color White
-Mr.Color Super White
-Mr.Color Metallic black
-Mr.Color Black
-Mr.Color Blue
-Mr.Color red metallic
-Mr.Color orange yellow
-Panel line and decal.

Similar from the previous work I done on the MG Blitz, not going to pose this kit much to prevent scratches to the paint. May refer to the first unit for the pose and this for the paint job. That's all about for this kit.

And last but not least, after completing this post I feel like want to start a bit project for this kit again which will be the third unit. Had it build on the display but don't know what to do with it. Perhaps, a full armor version which done by Julius Lim might be great. I'm serious!!! for now.

Back to PGSF painting now.

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