Sunday, December 7, 2014

GBWC Malaysia at IPC 2014

Yeah yeah yeah, its late but better not posting. Most of you might have saw these picture and even the world Championship has been announce but I'm still going to post here.

I guess this is the second time that the organizer held the GBWC in Ikano Power Centre. From the previous post (which I can't find it back), I do mentioned this venue is a lot more better than the one in Sungei Wang Plaza which is smaller. With larger space, more display can be show by the organizer especially those special effect in the dark room, diorama, table for gunpla assembly area and even the mighty "size" Neo Zeong is here. Display and set up everything here was way better in Sungei Wang (where it mix with some other Parkson shoe promotion and shrink up the entire event's venue).

We might find not much great deal this time as it focus more on limited item. MG and PG seems not coming with great price and mostly are 1/144 kit either in HG or RG but the MG Strike ver.RM and MG Strike Ootori do come with great deal as it only cost at about RM 13+.

Number of entry seems not as much as previous few round if i'm not wrong but number of quality entries do increase a lot (I'm not a judge and have no intention to judge what are the bad or good entries as my skill is still limited but if you a gunpla modeler, you can tell). I guess i'm going to take a break here a while and let the picture speak the rest.......

the display of Bandai Multicolor Runner molding machine (model kit) and it was selling for RM 20 each
Wish you have one at home right? XD

need any lecture of the scale and grade lesson?, here you go. 

The.. Expo kit
And what really caught my attention is this diorama. It's not an entries, I guess it the display from the organizer to review back the scene in Unicorn with all the HGUC 1/144 kit. Interesting.

New MG

And some interesting PG clear kit display in the dark room. Don't what to do the Clear color kit?, Here you go.

Alright, enough from the organizer and lets move to the entries.

Snowy Sazabi


This is what i've been with to do on the MG Strike RM, I mean kit bash with Duel legs and armors

Super neat clean build and this is the only basic which the most difficult one to be master

It remind me some one made the kit look like the Monkey King.

Great painting, diorama and.. with dialog..

Another interesting kit bash 

The high quality work means

And most of us recognize whose work is this.... 

Hey buddy, you came to the wrong place. It ain't lego movie.

The mainstream

Hellboy Kroenen crossover Clash of Clan Balloon crossover bearguy

It might look plain but if you look closer...
I'm really don't what kind of magic that it make the paint so smooth, neat and clean yet shining. 

The other mainstream!!!

I didn't cover all the entries, I only cover those i like. Heard that there are some modeler from other country coming into this event as well and those who in gunpla for sometime know who he is. 

Well, that's all for this. Hope that I able to join next coming one. 

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