Sunday, January 11, 2015

PG Strike Freedom

 Not the first, not the second and this is the third perfect grade. And its painted. I must be crazy when i paint my first PG and i'm still painting them, no straight build and yes, this was pretty bad. Since last year, i've been practicing the basics. The result does payoff from the previous 2 MG which are the MG Blitz and MG Mk2 Ver.2 but when things getting bigger and complicated especially trying with some new paint, lot of thing can be happen.

As praised (for the kit) and hated by many people (for the "holy jesus yamato" as what they mentioned), i guess there is no need to introduce this kit. Let just start with my own version of review or, it just my opinion about this kit.

When it release, i'm sure i'm not the only one who get overexcited but as usual, disappointment does found from "Perfect" grade due to its size, complication of the structure and weight. Bandai does improve a lot since PG OO raiser with the "locking" joint thing but the tremendous weight of a PG kit really unavoidable. From me to Bandai "if you know carbon fibre in LFA, please make something similar to PG kit which should light but tough". Metal doesn't solve the problem as the joint won't sustain the weight for long term. This is my favorite MS and come in "Perfect Grade" but i'm not sure why i complain so much. Anyway, i got another one. Guess i need to be careful on the second build.

When we talk about details, articulations and proportions of this kit, lets start with detail. Another complain that I heard a lot about the details of this kit especially on its "plain" armor. Compare to PG Astray or OO raiser, yes that this kit looks a bit plain but this "plain" thing doesn't apply to the inner frame and this i'm going to start with the articulations. As the current PG kit, mostly or can be said all using socket joint except the neck joint but again, the weight kill everything. No lock for the joint like in PG OO raiser. As for the proportion, so far everything is good but it can be improve such as increase the length of the neck and torso. Other are just great.

Gimmick, the wings, LED light for the head unit and the bling bling inner frame. Start with the wings, it looks great in the box, manual and even the complete unit from others right. One press at the dragoon and it will slide out, sound wonderful. Lets look at the "dark side", super back heavy, fragile main joint for the wing to the backpack (Back thruster), super annoying auto pop-slide dragoon unit and lastly, super complicated structure that only provided minimal expansion lock. LED unit, i ignore it. Bling Bling inner frame, the MG version have create the expectation. The entire inner frame doesn't come with shiny gold which can be said good to those who will paint it cause cutting the gold plate part out without sanding the nub marks is really paint in ass.

Its seem lots of frustration from me to this kit. Alright, lets enjoy the picture and i'll be back with positive comments. Ah, before that you may have a look on the paint list:

- Mr.Surfacer 1200
- Mr Surfacer 1500 black (as the base for the gold)
- Gold                       -                    Mr.Color Gold mix with Mr.Color Gold GX
- White                     -                     Mr.Color Flat White, Super White
- Blue                        -                    Mr. Color Blue, Character Blue and Metallic Blue
- Red                         -                    Mr. Color Metallic Red
- Dark Blue               -                    Mr. Color Black mix with the blue mixture above
- Dark / Grey            -                    Mr. Color Black  (mix with normal white for a bit gloss effect and                                                          mix flat white for mat effect)

Some painting feedback, remember to coat the gold color because i'm not sure why there is some rusty effect came out pretty badly.

Other application include panel line and stickers, there is no dry transfer decal for this kit.        

Before the positive story, there is some sad story need to be continue which is "pose". Although the articulations and proportions are good but like what i said earlier, the weight kill everything. Do notice one thing, the paint really increase the weight a lot for this kit. I forgot to mentioned about how many bottle of paint use for this kit but all i can said is, I LOST COUNT. 

Alright, the bright side of this kit. Although it does look plain for the armors but we are the modeler isn't it. Plain means good for us for the modification, draw your own panel line style. As the detail mostly come from the inner frame, armor cutting modification is definitely a good mod for it. Despite i have lot of frustrations on this kit but I can't deny that the base of this kit is damn good for modification. SOMETHING YOU MUSTN'T OVERLOOK ON THIS KIT WILL BE MAIN JOINT FOR THE WING TO THE BACKPACK ESPECIALLY AFTER PAINT (weight increase), find way to strengthen it (Daban PGSF come with metal unit for this part).

Big kit, long post. I guess that's usual and i'm got to stop here. 

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