Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gunpla Mid Year Challenge 2015 Malaysia at Main City Mall

As usual, I'm late again. Almost two weeks the event over and i'm only able to write this post now.

So, this year it held in a completely new place. Guess they are taking the advantage helping some of the mall to create some activity and bring more crowd. The venue was in main place city mall, somewhere in between Puchong, Shah Alam or Subang. Public transport to here seems difficult and feel sorry for those who are not local. Frankly speaking, I still feel IPC was the best place in terms of space, crowd and location but no matter where it held, it not going to stop modeller to participate and visit for this great show. 

The display was updated as from last time, means better lighting and space. I was quite lucky to visit there on the first day as i was able to take photo of some entries before they have the glass on. In terms of activity, it will be the usual Q&A contest, speed building and the organizer will offer some freebies. Professional builders demonstration was there as well ( Don't afraid to ask them for guidance as they really quite friendly to share unless it really some stupid question that waste not just theirs time but other who want to ask). 

Main stage display, statue was great and will share more about it later

Previous champion's master piece was feature in this poster, feeling proud for Malaysia who won the last year GBWC.

Two beautiful with (really good) detail display on the stage. As you can see that is the Sengoku Astray, the shape is really not easy to be made in this size.

Store room, guess its the restricted area but photo taken :p,

As usual, most of the new item will be display out. Guess the usual big guy (new PG of the year) will only come on the end of year contest.

And these two will be the highlighted special item, limited edition. Not sure you guys interested on it but for me, its a bit too pricey. I use to bought these Limited item before but it was because of the color of the original version really doesn't that "Original".

Lets enjoy some close up shots of the statue.

The professional builders area, some straight build with panel line.

So, here it is the entries. Since I'm participate this year, the first photo will be my entries (Haha!!!). As times goes by with more interaction from the professional builders that shares various skill to build better Gunpla, we can see lot of good entries. Lot of improvement compare to few years ago. At least we don't see much mess up kitbash around. On top of that, Gunpla builder series in terms of animation and released kit really helps a lot. The idea are better, the gunpla kit are more flexible. Although it seems Bandai have injected lot of great technology to gunpla kit especially the gunpla builder line with similar or same type of joint for better kitbash combination, some skill such as basic num marks removal, panel line, painting and scratch build still very popular here.

The kit that next to me. 

                                                     simple yet clean build, nice. 

An huge kit using The O ass at the back. 

                                                                                                   Guess this is the only PG


One of the winner.

That is the color scheme that i've been looking for, nicely executed. 

Simple presentation yet, simply give me good angle for this shots. 

This MA transformation is a lot better than the original for Rezel right?

another interesting clean build.

The Champion. 

So, That all for the first half. Guess we're looking for something interesting in the second half which will be the GBWC 2015. See you there.

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