Friday, October 9, 2015

Not officially leave nor officially here

So, how long was it from the previous post I was wondering. 3 months plus, 4 month to be exact it should be. I'm not dumping this blog or stop writing yet. I do follow lots of gundam page in facebook, gundam news from various site and of course, the latest gundam series. As we grow older, many things happen. It affect us financially and...... emotionally. We do have more money for more kits now but the time to build our back log seems getting faster than the time we build the kit. Although I'm still siting on the same place writing the same blog but everything around is changing. I guess, that's life.

Recently read an emotional post from Waylander, write about his gunpla life and the story evolve around it. Some other people might just felt " it just a hobby, how could it affect our real life". In fact, I was having the same thought when i read the title till i read the content and it feel totally different. I put a comment there " I know how it feel, bro". Did I? Forget about it. But seriously, is that real? Very true story.

I went through that as well although I didn't post much about it in here. Reason? emotionally affected the mood of working or enjoying this hobby. It can't be said, when we're young we know less about the real world which we can focus more on our day dream hobby which is fun but when times goes by where we facing more and more cruel truth in the real world, everything seems scattered.

My first hard time was building an PG OO raiser, my first PG kit. I was devastated and the worse part is, I was at the sanding process which is the most boring process. The good thing is, to neutralize all this bad feeling I numb myself to keep on chasing to complete the process. The kit end up quite good and I was healing close to completion.

The second hard time was worse and yet, it was another PG, one of the most challenging PG I ever build which is the PG Strike Freedom. It fall on the same process again and I did the same thing. The project was complete and delivered but for me, not heal nor solve and still stuck in the same problem again. Until now, what was the problem I face in my hard time? Well, for a male there will always two things in chinese, either money or the other " you know what i mean". I was not in the relationship at all actually, a loser start in a lose match and keep on losing. It might nothing much to loose or maybe it just an good opportunity but emotion, Bang!!! that was hurt.

And now, I'm building an PG Strike rough and guess what? I think i'm into the third time of this situation. With previous experience, it still affect me but it can be handle. It was another problem.
Damn it, sanding process again.

I was wondering will the sad or bad feelings produce a good kit? Honestly, I don't know but I think if I'm going to customize a kit with pla-plate or kit bash will definitely an disaster. Stick with a clean build with basic painting should be the best I guess. So, wondering whether I'm still here? This site is still alive and I'm assure that. Good life or bad life, as long as we can afford time and money, gunpla for life.

an sentimental post, please ignore it if it's not interesting. I was just, release some gas.. ssssss. :)

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