Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gunpla is gunpla!!!!! Gunpla is not Prada!!!

With exclamation marks on the title, its seems a bit emotion and it does seems not mean anything much. I think I'm back for writing here again, as two post per-month seems quite a lot compare to previous month (haha). Alright, lets get to the right topic ( the title still relevant). The intro is gonna be brief (i promise). 

Recently I've been joining several group or fanpage in Facebook. All you need is type any gun*** related word and it will appear. Following the flow of the trend seeing people post about gunpla kit, interesting topic and, suddenly the change of the trends seems getting more and more off topic. Here comes the negative part (Yes, I'm going to bash somebody and he/she gonna feel it without mentioning who are them). 

Why "Gunpla is gunpla"? The question was asked because gunpla is not cloth, handbag, accessory or your pants. We use to post a lot of our kits online, whether its uniquely done or just a straight build but the main purpose is to share what we build, the experience of building the kit and what can we improve to make it better. Please, I REPEAT AGAIN, PLEASE!!! Stop asking stupid question like, "I don't know which one to buy, can you pick for me?" WHAT!!! IF YOU CAN'T PICK THE COLOR OF THE SKIRT, I CAN HELP BUT NOT GUNPLA, BITCH!!!!! (yes, i'm insulting those who answer this question." Why? every gunpla kit is unique and if can we as the "real" modeler would like to taste every kit in the market. We know you might have the money to afford it but you know what, "WE DON'T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU GONNA BUY AND GOT NO TIME TO BUILD AND START SHOWING OFF YOU BACKLOG". Every experience modeler will have backlog, what the big deal that you're having your backlog, sharing for the purpose of "showing off" and keep asking the "erm, which one should i build, pick for me? or vote it". "Vote" WHAT? for the next coming election? asking in the fanpage or to group member to pick what you gonna build next. OH BITCH PLEASE!!! " IF YOU ASKING ME WHAT YOU GONNA WEAR, JUST STAY NAKED AND I'M ENJOY THAT", "WHAT TO BUILD NEXT?" if you are pro-modeler asking this question for your next masterpiece, your question is valid but a pro-modeler build masterpiece based on inspiration and not the "comment or like" from your post like an attention seekers. 

Bought a model kit, telling the whole world you going to starve for that later due to that. Sounds like you have putting a lot of efforts saving money to buy that kit but the next thing you know, you screw up the kit while building it and I'm gonna laugh at you. "Oh dear, you just pour coffee on your new Prada and the stain is gonna be there forever". You get what i mean now. We do enjoy of people announcing their new project (without asking the whole world), work in process post and of course the complete masterpiece. Don't be a dick, this can be a luxury hobby and we are not looking down on you but someone mature will differentiate whats prior first. If you're going to sacrifice your need for this hobby, you shouldn't be in this hobby at all. At the end of the day, we just build the kit, might won some trophy if you are pro enough and enjoy every experience of it. Gunpla bringing you a bowl of rice is rare. Come on guys, you can seek the attention and compliment as a contributor if you going to post something "useful". (well, we don't mind if you are showing us your new loots with a very good rate and remember to share where to get)

Last but not least, backlog photos. You might you just sharing (and mentioning, oh gosh i got no time to build all of it, then why the hell you going to buy that much, idiot) but we all know what is your real intention. Remember, achievement in gunpla means a really great masterpiece but not a storeroom full of gunpla. We don't mind to see how people organize their storage and provide some useful info for other modeler as we face one common problem "space".

I guess that's all for the first part, the next part gonna be more "piss off". Enough of bashing today but I'm, not curse you yet. 

Before ending this post, just for some clarification. Those who I bash here, I don't see their post from Hong Kong, Japan, Europe or Western part of the world. Unfortunately, from South East Asia. Not all of it but we do have "distortion" here.  

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