Saturday, November 14, 2015

Please behave, Bootleg suppoter!!!

Alright, another hateful post? yes it is. 

This time is about "bootleg". If any of you reading this and don't know what it mean by 'bootleg" gunpla, well it mean any gunpla then not made by Bandai but using the same or similar design are consider as "bootleg" (I'm not sure about G-system, but anyone who possess that can be really proud of it). 

My concern is not about the actual physical "bootleg" gunpla itself, not the manufacturer or the re-seller but what really concern about is the one who bought it or the supporters. First of all, what is the reason of purchasing gunpla? we worked on it and then we keep it for display as well as collection. "Collection" which the most important word here. Lets just think about if we want to keep something as collection, will we go for original or the pirate version? Second, where all these original gunpla coming from? Third, what happen if the bootleg gunpla took over the original gunpla market? If you are mature enough, I'm sure you know the answers for 3 questions above. 

I, myself purchase bootleg before too and even now sometime I will ask from my regular supplier to update me but only for few reason that I bought bootleg gunpla.

  • P-bandai or Dengeki magazine special item which is extremely rare until can't even get one on hand with extra money
  • It is an total re-design with better proportion and articulation kit
  • never release in that scale. 
  • for spare part or special part only come with bootleg

Other than that, there is no other reason that I will ever purchase bootleg. Yes, sometime it was quite emotional when we see "damn, it P-bandai again, I'm going to wait for chinese version and buy that as protest". But I will still not help to promote bootleg nor i proud of having it. So, its time to start with the bashing part. (not kitbash but is people bashing)

What irritate or annoying me the most (again is from some gunpla facebook group) is some people does't really understand whats gunpla mean for and coming up to post all those bootleg related stuff. 
We start with the stupid one, the most stupid question "should i buy the original Bandai or the Daban version", The most stupid comparison i ever heard. If you not hit the four reasons that i had above you go for the original Bandai even if you can't afford or poor then you don't f**king buy that kit at all and yet still ask and compare, "mohon pencerahan" such a attention seeker.

That was before buying and here comes the after buying part, posting the picture like how proud you just got the Daban MG Sazabi. Gosh, remember about this post, "gunpla is gunpla, gunpla is not", if i'm holding a fake prada, I will hide the logo and use it as a normal bag without letting anybody know that i'm using a fake prada. What so proud of having a bootleg?

I was wondering do you all know the more you support bootleg, it will some how affecting the original Bandai market. Imagine one day that the bootleg market really took over the original market till the original maker is making loss in the business and decided to close down or stop the business or worse still, not import to our country, wonder who will be the one suffer then. Please, use your F**KING brain and think about it. Don't argue on the price of original and bootleg. R&D is definitely expensive then copy. Again, if you can't afford it, you don't belong to here. 

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