Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another Transition

Checking from my previous post date was on 2015, the PG Strike Rouge and I guess I was stop posting there. Well, I haven't give up on this blog yet but like most of the gunpla modeler with blog or without are commonly moving into new platform of sharing their gunpla life. And the new common platform will always be, social media like Facebook and Twitter. For this blog, you may refer to the link below:


I went to GBWC Malaysia 2016 last week and as usual, took a lot of photos in the event. When I reach back home ( the new base which i'm going to share the photo later), the first thing will be editing the photo and get it posted as soon as possible (like the news, serve it when it still hot). Since I have a Facebook page for this blog, definitely will update there first which is a lot faster and less steps. The next thing I do was update into here, this blog and it had make me realized one thing. This is the time for "Another Transition". Previously I was moving to this blog from the original "http://seven6398.blogspot.my/" due to the picasa photo storage issue. The storage for that picasa account was fully utilized and I don't want to pay extra per-year for this extra storage. So I decided to open another picasa account and also create this side as version 2 of "http://seven6398.blogspot.my/". Seems like the problem happen again, I uploaded each photo with about few hundred KB and with the storage available will only support about 2000 photos? I guess I have enough of the " not enough".

Therefore, like moving into my new house, new base for my gunpla and other collections, WIP area and photograph area, I have decided to move the future content of this blog solely base on the Facebook page that provide unlimited storage for now I guess, easy access and sharing. So, if any of you reading this and still following my blog, please feel free to visit this blog's Facebook page (just click the link) and don't forget to follow or like. Thanks

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